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Designed for both mobile use and fixed installations

Traditionally, light dimmers have been bulky, rack mountable three-phase units. This traditional approach, which is admittably good for some situations, however has a few major drawbacks. First of all, they are very heavy and require a lot of space. This has lead to the dimmers usually being centtalized in one, huge dimmer center, which requires massive cabling which we all love to hate to carry... and in top of that, the long dimmed power cords are potentially a major source of electromagnetic disturbance.

TruePower in mobile and stage lighting

The TruePower is based on a different way of thinking. Instead of looking at the traditional rack-mounted dimmers (we have done them too, and the TruePower is available also rack-mounted in a 3x4=12 ch. configuration), we as stage lighting users with enough cable-rat experience have focused on the essential: what we need to do when building a lighting set and how we need to do it. This lead to the now obvious-seeming idea of a stand-mountable dimmer.

Imagine yourself in a hurry, building a set for a jazz club corner, a fashion show, a small concert, dragging the three-phase power cables and the multichannel dimmed power cables. We've done it and you probably have too, so we don't have to point out to you the obvious. With the TruePower, you only have to put the dimmer on the light truss, connect a single phase mains power cord and the DMX data cable and you are ready to go. The TruePower is really light, weighing only 2.8 kilograms so you'll have no problems setting it up even while the light stand is lowered and raising the stand afterwards. It saves a lot of time and angry words.

TruePower in fixed installations

The rack-mountable dimmers are ideal for fixed installations... if only there is the rack available and you can easily bring the power cabling to the rack, which is often not the case.

The TruePower is amazingly small and light-weight for a strong power dimmer. Click on the engineer's drawing to open a larger image and notice that we really have paid a lot of attention in making the TruePower the ideal choice for a fixed-mounted dimmer. It has six holes for mounting on the wall or a theatre stage ceiling. In the former case the device fits almost anywhere as it can be wall-mounted in any orientation, and in the latter, it gives a convienient way of providing individual channel outlets distributed over the stage ceiling.